Hotel Meetings Monthly Cost Sharing for Leaders

As a team, we are all invested in one another's success and it is imperative for everyone to have ownership in the team.  Therefore, we have created a tiered cost sharing program that benefits all team members.  


We feel strongly about not charging Marketing Consultants (MC's) who have not developed a team yet, so they have no meeting cost sharing. 


Regional Consultants who are outside of our organization have a cost sharing of $25 a month.  Senior Consultants' cost sharing is $50 a month.  And for Executive Consultants, who have the largest organizations, the cost sharing is $100 a month.   Click below to set up automatic monthly contributions based on your promotion level via PayPal


Notes:  Cost sharing funds will be collect for the following month's hotel meeting fees. Please make sure your cost sharing is submitted by the 25th of each month for the following month.


Funds collected in excess of the monthly room costs will be applied to sales aids, trainings and other activities that benefit the team. 


Contact with any questions.

Business Presentations' Monthly Cost Sharing
EC's Ron and Kim Clark
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