Our Ambit Story: "I want NOTHING to do with one of those things!"

Over a dozen people approached me about joining various energy deregulation companies between January and February of 2011 and I wanted NOTHING to do with them.  I had a large insurance business in dozens of states and I was busy enough without adding another thing.  I really wasn't looking to do anything else and certainly not "one of those things".  Between owning a business, having an infant son just born in March, a daughter who is involved in a lot of activities, and other business commitments that completely consumed my time I couldn't perceive how I could add another commitment to my life.  And besides, I didn't think a business like Ambit could ever match what we were used to earning so I viewed it as a complete waste of my time.


My friend Ray Montie, whom I’d known for 11 yrs and had been incredibly successful in business, contacted me in early February 2011.  He called and emailed me trying to tell me about Ambit.  I just said, "Ray, I hope you do well with it, but I am just not interested at all."  But, within a few weeks, things changed dramatically for us.


In March of 2011, besides having a new baby, our marketing expenses in our insurance agency were impacted with a significant increase (to the tune of 42% on 2 days notice!) and they weren't going to go down anytime soon.  In addition to the economy moving at a snails pace we saw our income dropping due to falling sales.  Kim and I started discussing all of our options at that point. 


After hearing about the energy business from so many people a thought hit me one day, "Outside of food, water, and toilet paper...what does everyone use everyday?  The answer: electricity.  My wife and I thought, “Maybe we’re missing something here” and against our better judgement decided to review the income potential of this industry. With our extensive business backgrounds we thought, "Let's analyze this industry and these companies as if we were going to buy them."  So that's what we did.  Honestly, I thought we would rule them out quickly and move on to "legitimate" business ventures.  Never did we imagine what we would find.


We looked at 7 different energy deregulation companies with revenues over $50 million (I thought those would be the most stable).  We then did our due diligence checking the following information: company management background, historical growth, capitalization, service rates and service areas, PUC and BBB ratings, projected market openings, etc. This took us nearly 2 months.  We never told anyone we were looking at energy deregulation and never attended a business presentation.  We didn't want outside pressure influencing our final decision.  After this lengthy examination one company stood out above all the rest: Ambit Energy. We had NEVER seen anything like this in our lives! Kim and I took a week and prayed about the business. 


On Monday morning May 21st I said to Kim "Well, what do you think.  Are we going to do this?"  She looked at me and said "Yes...I have peace about it.  Let's do it!"  We totally caught Ray off guard because we hadn't told anyone we were analyzing the energy industry.  He called us right after we signed up and was completely stunned, but he understood how things change in people's lives.  He made the commitment to us then and there to help us get to EC on the "whatever it takes" plan.  He shared his story with us how, in just 43 months, he had over 13,000 consultants and 86,000 customers and had reached the top level of National Consultant and Number 5 money earner with Ambit.  He said "Ron, whatever you and Kim need that's why I'm here."  He's been an outstanding upline for us right from the beginning.  


We promoted quickly and made the decision to completely retire from our insurance agency by June 1st, 2011.  We knew we couldn't afford to "miss this train".  We threw our heart and soul into the business and it has been a tremendous ride.  We moved into a much larger home on a 1/2 acre lot in a beautiful area of Wilmington, DE. We've experienced an increase in our residual income of over 13,000% in less than 3 yrs!  In 2012 and 2013 we made the cover of Success from Home magazine for our achievements. And, at our annual Ambition convention in 2013 we were awarded the prestigious Pure Energy Award by Ambit for our efforts in building and supporting one of the largest teams in the NE US.


We're looking forward to the future expansion plans the company will announce and we love spending time with our consultants, many of whom have become good friends.

EC's Ron and Kim Clark
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